Video Collection

Yes, I make movies as well!  Okay, I call them movies.  You might call them something else.  Regardless, I have fun.  Here are my latest works.  Most of them are posted on web.   Some are only available via hardcopy (they are to big to post and I don't want to dilute the quality.)    Check them out and let me know what you think!

  1. Angel chase.  We have a really crazy cat that is about 20 years old.  She still thinks she's a kitten!
  2. Sailing lessons.  The captains earn their strips.  Check out our training in San Diego harbor.
  3. Sailing with Corey.  A great day of sailing ends in an interesting way.  Can you say "CALL VESSEL ASSIST!"
  4. Edwardnizer.  (NEW)A fun movie we did with a twist on the Scrooge story.  Guess who plays the grumpy guy?"
  5. Tonga, The Vacation.  Available on DVD.  Enjoy our recent adventure to the South Pacific.  Not your typical home video!